Adobe Etla License Agreement

3.1 Per User. “user” means a person (either a staff member or a local contractor) who receives a unique identifier for the registration and use of products and services. The unique identifier must not be shared with other people. However, if a person ceases to be an employee or contractor of the customer during the term of a license, if a product or service no longer needs to be used, and the customer uninstalls the product or service from that employee or subcontractor`s computer, another employee or contractor may use a new unique identifier without being considered an additional user. Given the uniqueness and specific nature of this ETLA, Customer acknowledges and agrees not to assign this ETLA to other governments or organizations without adobe`s prior written permission. In addition, the first, second and third anniversary of the entry into force, when the customer authorizes a certain number of designated users beyond the number of Named User licenses previously acquired, to acquire additional Named-User licenses to account for the overrun. If Customer reduces the number of provisions of the Licensed Product during the Term of the License, including after purchasing additional licenses in accordance with this Section, no negative adaptation to the number of Licensed Products is made and Customer is not entitled to (1) a credit or refund from Adobe or the reseller or (2) a reduction in royalties in the future. .

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Posted: 09/08/2021