Dama Labour Agreement

This includes: If your area is interested in a DAMA, send an email to labour.agreement.section@homeaffairs.gov.au. Step 2: After approval, you need to apply for an employment contract from the Ministry of the Interior via ImmiAccount. Refer to section 7 of the confirmation form below and prove national recruitment efforts over the past four months. This evidence must comply with the Australian government`s labour market testing requirements, and you can find more information on labour market testing requirements on the Department of Home Affairs employers` website to obtain confirmation from the designated territorial representative before applying for an employment contract. There are strict guidelines both with the Ministry of the Interior and with the corresponding DAMA agreements. These include assessment: under DAMA, employers may, in certain sectors where skills and labour shortages are in short supply, encourage a skilled and skilled workforce abroad. Individuals cannot directly access a DAMA. Individuals must be sponsored: if the company is supported by the NT government and the Australian government signs an employment contract with the company, it can apply for appointment for the skilled workforce they have identified. SADs are intended for employers in certain sectors to promote a skilled and skilled foreign workforce when they lack skills and labour opportunities. .

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Posted: 09/16/2021