Enterprise Agreement Ocpe

The following company agreements apply to NTPS employees: For more information on negotiating company agreements, please visit the Fair Work Commission website: Frances Bay Marine Facility HafenServices PDF (2.3 MB) PDF Administrator (2.4 MB) Technical Staff PDF (2.4 MB) Professional Officer PDF (2.4 MB) Physical Staff PDF (2.4 MB) PDF Administrators (2.4 MB) PDF Professor (1.4 MB)PDF Professor (1.4 MB)Penitentiary Pedagogue PDF (1.4 MB) Pedagogues AMTE Prisons PDF (2.3 MB)Senior Prison Officers (POOs and higher) PDF (2.4 MB) Medical Officers PDF (3.7 MB)Dentists PDF (2.9 MB) Nurses Midwives PDF (1.3 MB) Aboriginal Health Practitioners PDF (2.5 MB) Read the “Working with Unions” Directive PDF (277.5 KB). . . . .

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Posted: 09/19/2021