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b) a supplementary housing contract for the year. 10. In accordance with paragraph 9, paragraph 1 of the Act, the amounts covered in Table 1 must be credited to the COAG Reform Fund before being paid, on 22 December 2014, to the States mentioned in this table for the purpose of providing general financial assistance to those States. 2.42 The Committee heard that the principles and intentions of the FFR IGA provide a solid basis for improving financial relations between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories. Previous financial agreements between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories have been dominated by specific purpose payments (PPS) that are linked to input-based subsidies, not results-based grants. A priority on inputs has allowed the Commonwealth to exercise control by imposing conditions on states and territories: it has focused on how to achieve the objectives. On the other hand, the FFR IGA facilitates the focus on results, which focus primarily on the results achieved. 2.52 The Committee was informed of the reaffirmation of the Commonwealth`s control over funding in the plans to implement the funding agreements. Contrary to the principles of the FFR IGA, witnesses pointed out that PIs were often normative and focused on inputs rather than results.

[50] The NSW government has seen an increase in the administrative burden of IP funds. [51] The Government of Tasmania expressed concern about the “incriminating reporting obligations” associated with IP funds, a feature confirmed by the NSW government. [52] changes in the dynamics of federal financial relations; 2.48 While ffR IGA witnesses received comprehensive support, a number of issues have also been identified with national funding agreements, of which the Intergovernmental Agreement [PDF 39KB] represents the most important reform of Australia`s financial relations in decades. It recognizes that it is primarily the responsibility of states to provide services, but that coordinated measures are needed to address Australia`s economic and social challenges. (n) cooperation agreements, including clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as well as fair and sustainable financial agreements, to facilitate the parties` focus on long-term policy development and increased provision of public services; 5. The Minister may, for each fiscal year, determine the extent to which the total amount is distributed among states in accordance with subsection 2. Overall, the changing funding dynamics created by COAG in 2008 by the IGA FFR are seen as a positive step in Commonwealth-State relations, reinforcing the focus on results and increasing public accountability. [23] 1. This section applies to a state in relation to a fiscal year when the state has shares in: – payments relating to housing, homelessness and housing issues can be paid to a state if the state is a party to a specific housing contract.

1. Subject to this Act, each state is entitled to a subsidy developed under the formula for one year of payment as financial assistance for a year of payment: 1. The Minister may provide that an amount set in the provision must be paid to a state covered in the provision, in order to provide general financial assistance to the state. b) to do so in the manner and within the time frame set in accordance with the primary housing contract or the supplementary housing contract, as is the case.

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Posted: 04/10/2021