Slump Sale Agreement Format In Word

3.5. Full Disclosure. The seller has provided the buyer with all the information requested by the buyer. All information provided to the buyer regarding the assets is accurate and accurate in all essential respects and no significant facts or facts have been omitted to mislead such information. Me. c. Sellers are responsible for all capital gains, taxes, turnover taxes, income taxes and similar taxes payable as a result of the execution of the transactions provided for in this Agreement. 2.1. Conclusion. The conclusion of the purchase and sale of the assets (closing) shall be carried out on [date] at the same time as the execution of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the closing date).

d. References to this Agreement or to any other arrangement, instrument or instrument shall be construed as references to such agreement, instrument or other instrument which may be amended, amended or supplemented from time to time; NOW, taking into account the premises and the agreements and alliances set out therein, as well as other counterparts, good and valuable, whose maintenance and quality are recognized, each of the parties agrees as follows: c. . . .

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Posted: 10/08/2021